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Protecting Health, Homes, Businesses and the Environment since 1860.

Rose Pest Solutions is America's oldest and most experienced pest management company. Family owned for generations, we promise peace of mind and protection against pest-related health threats.

Our Most Popular Residential Service

With our Healthy Home Maintenance Program (HHMP), your home is protected 365 days a year against all common household pests (excluding termites, fleas, bed bugs, and mosquitoes) GUARANTEED!

If any activity happens in between your four paid scheduled visits, we will come back to address the problem free of charge! Protecting your home and family is not just our business, it’s our promise. With our home pest maintenance program you have nothing to lose but pests.


Home Pest Maintenance Program

Commercial Solutions

Pests can derail your business. Every industry needs to maintain a sanitary and healthy work environment to keep everyone happy and productive.

As public health experts, we promise a comprehensive and sanitary approach to creating a healthy environment. We’ll help you:

  • Avoid fines, fees, and loss of business
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Bolster employee satisfaction
  • Protect your reputation

If you manage or own your building, you need pest control. Rely on a partner you can trust. We’re proud to be your partner in a safe and healthy business.

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